Your Marriage God's Way by Scott LaPierre

In Your Marriage God’s Way, A Biblical Guide to a Christ-Centered Relationship, Scott LaPierre claims marriage is a divinely created institution (as opposed to a societal convention) that anticipates a keen understanding of human nature. He contends that a couple’s fulfillment in marriage is prefigured by their relationship with God rather than by the banal dimensions of relational compatibility. Moreover, he contends that those who abide by this interpretation of biblical marriage will encounter enduring blessings. 

Factoring out secular humanistic ideologies which so often underpin contemporary marriage counseling (even among so-called ‘Christian’ counselors), the author relies upon a nouthetic approach, composing a veritable compendium of salient scriptures on the subject. It is a valiant, encyclopedic attempt to give voice to an embattled theological – not to mention sociological – position. Rather than commonly over-hyped relationship inventories, harmony assessments, and dubious love quotients, LaPierre boldly invokes faith in the Word of God and does an admirable job.

As LaPierre presents it, God’s grand design for marriage is not a cold recitation of ancient strictures nor a priori conclusions but a balanced proposition written in accessible prose and with meaningful application. Equipped with a modicum of introspection, LaPierre draws upon a reservoir of autobiographical experience. He shares the benefits of incorporating these principles into his own marriage – not to mention the price paid for failing to do so.  In one instance, he admits to losing thousands of dollars after declining the sage, business advice offered by his wife, Katie. In another, he tells of how being open to her homiletic critiques – an exercise few pastors relish – has made him an eminently more effective communicator. Whether a military officer, athletic coach, elementary school teacher, seasoned pastor, or husband and father of ten, LaPierre knows what it is to serve a real God, living in a real world, in a real marriage, making real mistakes, and – by God’s magnificent grace – being all the better for it. 

It is difficult to be critical of the book. The few scripture references missing from this work are undoubtedly covered in other of the author’s volumes. Contextually, however, a brief section of chapter three is a bit perplexing. In it, he describes God’s creating Eve from the side of Adam. Here LaPierre makes some rather recondite distinctions involving XY chromosomes, modern science, and being formed from the ground versus from flesh and bone. This whole train of thought seems disjointed and, at times, not fully formed. Further, the section is so out of tune with the rest, that it appears the author is channeling some other unnamed source. 

Conceivably, the most practical insight offered to the reader is LaPierre’s contextualization of disappointment and pain. According to the Apostle Paul, LaPierre notes that difficulty in marriage is natural, normal, and to be expected. And yet, within the crucible of this biblical covenant, can a successful union between two people be forged? Fealty, obedience, allegiance, and devotion are the Christian values that sustain marriage and bind couples together. Realizing the elusive state of being a happy couple is a tireless battle. But building Your Marriage God’s Way is a great resource in the struggle.  

By Terry Sweany

Terry Sweany has served as senior minister of Playa Christian Church since 2006. His education includes a MA in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling from Hope International University and a BA from Cincinnati Christian University. He is author of the book Life In Ministry and his greatest joy is helping people deepen their relationship with God. Terry lives in Westchester, California and is a member of the LAPD Pacific Division Clergy Council. He and his wife, Patty, have been married 38 years and have a daughter and granddaughter.

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    Thank you for reviewing Your Marriage God’s Way! I am praying God uses the book and workbook to strengthen marriages and exalt Christ.

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