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Life In Ministry is an honest and candid non-fiction account of Pastor Terry Sweany’s experiences within the world of church ministry. While it is often the Pastor who receives the most glory in the church, Sweany instead focuses this book on the more behind-the-scenes aspects of ministry. Life In Ministry alternates between a non-fiction narrative–comprised of influential moments within the author’s life as a pastor–and commentary on the contemporary state of ministry. Life In Ministry is surprisingly honesty about the sometimes questionable practices of churches and their leaders, when it was a far less celebrity-driven endeavor than it is today. Sweany is extremely candid both about his own experiences within the church, as well as what is it generally like to work for a church. He admits to experiencing significant depression and living in debilitating debt, and also shares the most embarrassing moments of his career. The non-autobiographical sections of Life In Ministry attempt to paint a more realistic picture of what life is like inside professional church work, as opposed to how it is portrayed in the culture. One portion of the book enlightens readers on certain “principles” that they should abide by when looking for the Will of God in life, 

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Publication date: September 8, 2017
Language: English