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DGMW is written for members of the Restoration Movement and anyone seeking a decisively Christian point of view. We provide commentary on life and culture making scripturally aligned value distinctions along the way. 

The launching of a Christian website of opinion within a movement widely assumed to be a bastion of unalloyed biblical Christianity at first glance seems like a work in supererogation. It is not. If this website is superfluous, it is so for very different reasons: it stands before the cultural contumacy, urging it to stop, at a time when no one else is inclined to do so. 

DGMW publishes monthly. Our content is both inductive, driven my events and inquiries, and deductive, driven by the timelessness of God’s Word. 

Here are several tips for submission. (1) Read the content already posted on our site for your submission to have the best chance of being published.  (2) Ideas with the best chance of being published come from people who share our perspective; that is, they are DGMW subscribers and members of Independent Christian Churches. (3) The queries we accept are well-articulated, relate well to existing published posts, and come from an angle of church edification. We look for articles that include well-reasoned, well-written essays, illustrating both theological and practical  perspectives. 

We do not print poetry, generic devotions, or general inspirational material. DGMW pieces are generally between 500 and 1,800 words. Request subjects and/or send queries to [email protected].


Don’t Get Me Wrong correspondence column welcomes letters from readers. The website makes its selections only from those letters written in response to particular articles. We reserve the right to edit all letters for length and clarity.

Email letters to: [email protected]


Don’t Get Me Wrong welcomes submissions of articles or reviews for publication consideration. It can take 3 months to hear back from an editor.

They should be sent via e-mail to: [email protected]

Articles and reviews should be appropriate in both subject matter and length and will be published only insofar as the editors determine their worthiness.


For permission to reprint a COMMENTARY blog or article, e-mail [email protected]